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Medical Transcription :

Prodatacare Technologies Inc. is a global e-service company. We provide BPO solution for healthcare industry as a whole. Our range of service includes Medical Transcription, Document Management, and Medical Billing.

Our clients are predominantly Hospitals / Clinics / individual Doctors. We strive to deliver the highest quality in TAT. Our technology is simple, secure, and reliable, which makes it simple and easy for you to send us dictation and manage transcribed documents at your desk. For a Free Trial contact us.

Prodatacare has over 30 years combined diverse experience in the transcription, medical billing, coding, and document management.

Prodatacare’s broad capabilities allow us to bring a state of the art transcription medical billing, coding and document management solutions to your healthcare practice. We are a HIPAA acquiescent company. We bring the appropriate solution to your practice without the issues involved with managing multiple vendors and consultants, saving you both time and money.

Transcriptionists are the backbone of our HIPAA compliant medical transcription service. We are a US-based company serving individual physicians, doctors, hospitals and private practices. Our team consists a large pool of experienced MTs, proofreaders and final level editors. They are professionally trained and all are having at least 3+ years experience in their respective fields.

Prodatacare offers state-of-the-art dictation and transcription technology delivering Reliable, Fast, Accurate, Secure transcription solution. Furthermore, the service is backed by our industry wide Lowest Price Guarantee.

We are very much able to meet requirements of :medicine, generating various types of formats / reports, including but not limited to:

We are very much able to meet requirements of :

We are functional 24X7 operation 365 days a year with guaranteed 24-hour turnaround time.

Please contact us by e mail or submit our further information form to explore how our expertise can serve your needs.