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Excellent Quality :
Transcribed by MTs, all with at least three years experience.

Quality Assurance Via a three-way architecture.
Proof Reading by Certified Transcriptionists.
Editing by Professional Editors.
Use of proven technology.

Dictation Flexibility:
held Recorder as well as Toll Free number.

Rapid Turnaround :
Standard turnaround time of 16-24 hours.
Customized turnaround time of up to 4-6 hours.

Significant Cost Savings :
Price Guarantee – Lowest ... Industry wide.
Cost savings of 35%-55%.

Secure & Confidential :
The details cannot be published respecting confidentiality. Security is taken very seriously and all the HIPAA regulations are met relating to the Electronic Transmission of Patient Information.

Storage of files on highly secure network drives.
Password Protection.
We have our own secure medical servers.
Non-disclosure agreement signed by all staff members.
24/7 monitoring and redundant back-ups.
FAQs :
Which digital handheld recorders do you recommend and its cost?

We recommend digital recorders that are very easy to use and are competitively priced from Uher, Olympus, Sony, Voice IT, etc. Their prices range from approximately $100 to $400.
Do you take up STAT. work?
Yes, we do take up STAT. work at a reasonably premium price.
How are your fees based on?
Our fees are normally based on per line basis, but we also offer quote per minute of dictation, per page, etc., depending on doctors/hospitals requirements.
Does your transcription staff sign NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and confidentiality agreements?
Yes, all our MTs, Editors, Proof Readers as well as the supporting staff need to sign NDA before they take employment with us and it will be in effect one year post their disassociation from our company.
What medical transcription quality measures you have in place?
We have total three levels of transcription and word-by-word quality check by senior editors and proofers after the dictation are transcribed by our MTs. They are checked for errors, omissions, formatting, etc., before uploading.
Do you further outsource our transcription work?
No, all your transcription is handled in-house at our office and hence we have better security measures and better control over patient information.
How long do you keep our dictation and charts?
We normally delete permanently the voice files every six weeks and the charts every 12 months. But, it is exclusively up to the clients to decide how long we should be archiving their dictation and charts.
Useful Links :
Resources available for medical transcription

AAMT, The American Association for Medical Transcription,
http://www.aamt.org was founded in 1978

MTIA, Medical Transcription Industry Alliance,
for MT Services: http://www.mtia.com

American Health Information Management Association,
The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, HIMSS, http://www.himss.org/about/allaboutus.html
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